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Dr. Tom Bryant

Dr. Tom Bryant treats debilitating pain using a combination of the most advanced extremity adjusting practices based on the work of Dr. Mitch Mally in addition to the top three areas of chiropractic care available to patients today.

Chicagoland Patients of Dr. Bryant call him a “miracle worker” for helping them achieve incredible results and a pain-free life.

As a referring physician, Dr. Bryant understands that your reputation is on the line. That’s the primary reason you’re invited to contact him with any questions and discuss the medical history of your patient before referring them to Dr. Bryant. Please take a moment and review the Patient Feedback page as well just get a better sense of both the quality of care he and his staff provide and the experience his patients have under his care.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the key areas of Dr. Bryant’s Chiropractic Care Practice!

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“Dr. Tom is really the Bruce Lee of chiropractors!”

“Doctor Tom is not a typical chiropractor.”